Research Models

Research Models

Molecular Innovations is pleased to introduce a variety of knockout mouse and mutant mouse animal research models. These mice are useful for many research and commercial applications including monoclonal antibody development, cardiovascular studies, and pharmaceutical development and testing. We can also collect plasma and organs from these unique mice. Knockout mice are created by targeted disruption of the gene of interest followed by extensive breeding to achieve homozygous mutants. Mutations are confirmed by PCR genotyping and functional assays. We have additional strains in development and can accommodate new custom projects. Click here for general inquiries regarding our mouse program, licensing options, and custom work.

C1 Inhibitor Knockout Mice (Hereditary Angioedema Research Model)

Factor IX Knockout Mice (Hemophilia B Research Model)

Factor X Knockout Mice

Factor XII Knockout Mice

Prekallikrein Knockout Mice

PAI-1 Knockout Mice

PAI-1 Knockin Mice

tPA Knockout Mice

VEGF-B Knockout Mice