Reality Reverse Transcriptase cDNA Synthesis Kit


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Reality Reverse Transcriptase cDNA Synthesis Kit

Reality Reverse Transcriptase is a modified version of M-MLV reverse transcriptase with increased thermal stability and deactivated RNase H activity. In combination with optimized buffers and reagents, Reality Reverse Transcriptase synthesizes complementary DNA from single-stranded RNA or DNA templates. The enzyme is sensitive, specific and capable of synthesizing highly-structured and long cDNA fragments. The cDNA produced is appropriate for both PCR and qPCR analysis. Reality offers higher cDNA yields than some leading competitors with highly sensitive efficient synthesis from low-abundance RNA transcripts. Suitable for cDNA Synthesis of products from 100bp up to 10kb. The kit contains Reality Reverse Transcriptase, 5X buffer, dNTP mix, DTT solution, RNase inhibitor, Oligo dT 20mer primer, random hexamers, and RNase-free water.

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