Factor XII Knockout Mice


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Factor XII Knockout Mice

This Factor XII (F12) knockout mouse model was created by targeted disruption of F12 using programed nuclease. Mutations are confirmed by PCR genotyping and Sanger sequencing. The complete absence of FXII protein in the plasma of homozygous mice is confirmed by Western Blot. This mouse model will be useful for cardiovascular and neurological studies.

Strain Background: C57BL6/SJL
Chromosome: 13
Gene: F12
Protein: Coagulation Factor XII
Synonyms: FXII, Hageman Factor
Genomic Target: Exon 8-12
Mutation: Large deletions

Our mutant mice are from an ongoing colony made in-house at our state of the art facility in the U.S.A. In backcross. Factor XII knockout in C57BL/6J coming soon.

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  • In humans, patients with FXII deficiency have no risk of bleeding, which is consistent with the observation of normal hemostatic capacity in murine FXII KO model. Given the benefit of no associated bleeding risks, targeting FXII is a promising therapeutic strategy to prevent thrombosis along with anti-inflammatory properties[1-2].
  • Depletion of FXII has been shown to improve cognitive impairment in Alzheimer disease mice[3]. This FXII KO mouse model will be useful for studying neurodegeneration disease.


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