Avidin Coated Plate


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Avidin Coated Plate

96 well plate with 8 removable strips coated with Avidin at 100 ul/well and blocked with 300 ul/well. Ideal for specific binding of biotin-conjugated proteins and antibodies. Binding performance is characterized with biotinylated rabbit IgG followed by detection with HRP labeled secondary antibody.

Advantages of Avidin Plates from Molecular Innovations:
Sensitive – detect down to 0.1 ng/ml of biotinylated IgG
Specific – low background with high signal to noise ratio
High Capacity – binds >100 ng/ml of biotinylated IgG
Robust – broad dynamic range
Convenient – Ready to use plates are supplied pre-blocked to save time
Accurate – inter-assay CV is less than or equal to 3.47percent up to 100 ng/ml of biotinylated IgG

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