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Product Description
Product: Soluble Human Fibrin
Catalog Number: FIB-S
Product Page:
Description: Normal human plasma clots are dissociated using non-denaturing conditions in which non fibrin bound plasma proteins are removed. The soluble human fibrin clot is then stored under acidic conditions. The soluble human fibrin will reassemble into an insoluble clot when pH is restored to neutral (e.g. by adding one-tenth volume of 10X PBS to the soluble fibrin). SDS-PAGE shows partially crosslinked fibrin with no observable free alpha, beta or gamma chain subunits. No detectable thrombin or plasmin activity is observed in the final product.
Recommended Storage: -70 C
Shipping Conditions: Dry ice
Minimum Shelf Life: 3 years from delivery
Technical Information
Purity: >95% by SDS-PAGE analysis
Source: Human plasma
Molecular Weight: 340,000
Extinction Coefficient: 1.51
Sample Characteristics
Lot Number: FIB-S-SAMPLE
Aliquot: 1 x 1.0 mg
Concentration: 4.0 mg/ml
Volume: 1.0 ml
Specific activity: >80% Clottable
Buffer: 0.02M Acetic Acid; pH 3.6
Form: Frozen liquid
Optimal experimental conditions and working dilutions must be determined by the end user. Sample concentration and volume are for example purposes only and do not necessarily represent the product that will be received. Please contact us for a current lot-specific product datasheet.
For in vitro laboratory use only
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