molecular innovations

Molecular Innovations, founded in 1990, is a primary manufacturer of research antibodies, proteins and ELISA kits. We specialize in coagulation and thrombolysis reagents including PAI-1, tPA, urokinase, clotting factors, vitronectin, fibrinogen, fibronectin, prorenin/renin, prekallikrein, kallikrein, albumin, plasminogen, plasmin, antiplasmin, thrombin, antithrombin, complement components, and immunoglobulins. We offer a complete line of molecular biology reagents including DNA polymerases and competent cells. Now featuring knockout mouse and mutant mouse animal research models such as C1 Inhibitor knockouts (Hereditary Angioedema), Factor IX knockouts (Hemophilia B), prekallikrein knockouts, point mutations, and transgenic mice. Our customers all over the world include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as major research institutions. We offer custom projects and bulk quotes. All products are manufactured under stringent quality control standards at our new state of the art facility in Novi, MI, USA.