TaqTivate Hot Start Taq Master Mix


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TaqTivate Hot Start Taq Master Mix

TaqTivate Hot Start Taq Master Mix is an optimized, ready-to-use mix that contains dNTPs, MgCl2, optimized buffers and our TaqTivate recombinant hot start Taq DNA polymerase. It is supplied in a 2X formulation that requires only the addition of primers, template and water. TaqTivate requires a 95C activation time of only two minutes for faster cycling reactions. Chemical modification keeps TaqTivate free of contaminating DNA from biological modifying agents such as antibodies. TaqTivate 2X Master Mix provides robust amplification of templates up to 5kb and reduces non-specific DNA amplification due to primer-dimer formation. Suitable for Standard Endpoint PCR, Colony PCR, Low Copy PCR, Genotyping, and TA Cloning. Also available containing MantisGreen dual-color loading dyes.

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