Prekallikrein Knockout Mouse


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Prekallikrein Knockout Mouse

MS-PK has a 5bp deletion in exon 1 of the prekallikrein gene disrupting the transcribed protein sequence. Prekallikrein is the single chain gamma globulin glycoprotein zymogen precursor of the plasma serine protease kallikrein. This mouse has a greatly extended clotting time because of this deficiency in the early phase of the intrinsic pathway of the clotting cascade. Kinin formation and fibrinolysis may be impacted in addition to the contact activation system.

Strain: MS-PK
Gene Name: Plasma kallikrein
Gene Symbol: Klkb1
Gene ID: 16621
Swiss-Prot/UniProt ID: P26262
Chromosome: 8
Genetic Background: C57BL/6

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