Mouse Factor XII genetically deficient plasma, sodium citrate



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Mouse Factor XII genetically deficient plasma, sodium citrate

This plasma is an ideal negative control for ELISA based assays and other experiments involving Factor XII. Collected from homozygous Factor XII knockout mice, anticoagulated with sodium citrate and flash frozen. Collected from male mice. Female mouse plasma is also available. Freshly collected Factor XII knockout mouse organs are also available, please click here to inquire. Mice homozygous for this mutation develop normally and are viable and fertile. aPTT is greatly increased but PT is normal compared to wild type mice. Factor XII null mice were shown to be protected from ischemic stroke in a transient middle cerebral artery occlusion animal model of stroke.

Plasma levels of bradykinin are suppressed in factor XII-deficient mice. Iwaki T, Castellino FJ. Thromb Haemost. 2006 Jun;95(6):1003-10.
Targeting coagulation factor XII provides protection from pathological thrombosis in cerebral ischemia without interfering with hemostasis. Kleinschnitz C, Stoll G, Bendszus M, Schuh K, Pauer HU, Burfeind P, Renné C, Gailani D, Nieswandt B, Renné T. J Exp Med. 2006 Mar 20;203(3):513-8. Epub 2006 Mar 13.

Gene ID: 58992
Swiss-Prot/UniProt ID: Q80YC5

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