Mouse C1 Inhibitor, His tag


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Mouse C1 Inhibitor, His tag

Mouse C1 Inhibitor (also known as plasma protease C1 inhibitor, C1 esterase inhibitor, C1-inhibiting factor, C1-INH, and C1INA) is a single chain glycosylated serine protease inhibitor (serpin) which inhibits C1, C1r, C1s, plasma kallikrein, Factors XIa. XIIa, and plasmin. C1 Inhibitor is present in human plasma at 16-33 mg per 100 ml and is involved in the regulation of the contact and complement systems. Recombinantly produced in insect cell culture and purified by chelated metal affinity chromatography. Contains a 10X-Histidine tag at C terminus for purification. Fully active and >95percent pure by SDS-PAGE.

Gene ID: 12258
Swiss-Prot/UniProt ID: P97290

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