Human coagulation Factor beta-XIIa


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Human coagulation Factor beta-XIIa

Human Factor beta-XIIa is generated in vivo by kallikrein cleavage of Factor alpha-XIIa and contains the catalytic light chain and the C-terminal peptide of the heavy chain of Factor alpha-XIIa. Human Factor beta-XIIa is activated from homogeneous Human Factor XII by an autoactivation process with Dextran Sulfate followed by repurification to isolate Factor alpha-XIIa (Cat # HFXIIA) and Factor beta-XIIa. Complete activation is observed on SDS-PAGE. Factor XIIa is >95percent pure by SDS-PAGE and activity is determined via clotting assay. Prepared from plasma found negative by FDA accepted methods for Anti-HIV1/2, Anti-HTLV I & II, HBsAg, Anti-HCV, Syphilis, HBC Ab, HIV-1 p24 Ag or HIV-1 RNA, HCV RNA and HBV RNA. Donors are screened for CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease).

Gene ID: 2161
Swiss-Prot/UniProt ID: P00748

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