Urokinase (uPA) International Units

Specific activity is not calculated for most of our uPA products. However, the uPA is 100% active by definition because it is eluted off benzamidine sepharose which only binds active urokinase. Activity is confirmed by SDS-PAGE.

Using the following conversion for International Units given by The National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) we can estimate the units per aliquot.

HMW Urokinase 100000 IU/mg
LMW Urokinase 60000 IU/mg

Cat # Size International Units
UPA-HTC 0,1mg 10000 IU

UPA-LMW 0,1mg 6000 IU

MUPA 0,05mg 5000 IU

MUPA-LMW 0,1mg 3000 IU

RUPA 0,05mg 5000 IU

RbUPA 0,05mg 5000 IU

DUPA 0,05mg 5000 IU

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