Stabilyte Collection Tubes

In most cases, collecting plasma in acidified citrate (acifidied citrate recipes) will preserve activity of PAI-1 or tPA in plasma. Published references have recommended the use of Biopool Stabilyte tubes for plasma collection. Unfortunately these tubes have been discontinued.

Tissue plasminogen activator activity is unstable in blood plasma. The activity half life ranges from 1 minutes to 4 hours depending on the level of PAI-1 activity. With other collection methods, i.e. anti-coagulants tri-sodium citrate or EDTA, it is impossible to prevent the fast inhibition of tPA by PAI-1. This results in underestimation of circulating levels of tPA activity. The Biopool® Stabilyte™ tube contains citrate anticoagulant at low pH (patented, ref. 4). The Biopool® Stabilyte™ tube immediately reduces the blood pH to about 5.9, inhibiting PAI 1/tPA complex formation and preserving the components of the fibrinolytic system. The components regain full activity after plasma neutralization.

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