In Vivo Experiments

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PAI-1 in Rats: 2 mg/kg/day, administered twice daily by intraperitoneal injection.
Recombinant Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 Inhibits Intimal Hyperplasia
Jianbo Wu, Lin Peng, Grainne A. McMahon, Daniel A. Lawrence, and William P. Fay
Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol, Oct 2009; 29: 1565 – 1570.

tPA in Mice: 2 ul of 1 uM solution after MCAO, intracortically injected (unilateral injection) over 5 min.
Age and albumin D site-binding protein control tissue plasminogen activator levels: neurotoxic impact
Benoit D. Roussel, Richard Macrez, Amandine Jullienne, Véronique Agin, Eric Maubert, Luce Dauphinot, Marie-Claude Potier, Laurent Plawinski, Hervé Castel, Yannick Hommet, Josep Munuera, Joan Montaner, Manuel Yepes, Carine Ali, and Denis Vivien
Brain, Aug 2009; 132: 2219 – 2230.

Other references:
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